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Review (Star Trek XII: Into Darkness)

I saw Star Trek XII: Into Darkness! :)

It was better than I expected. My heart belongs to ST: TOS but at least this remake is a heckuva lot better than most of them out there, and some of the actors bear uncanny resemblances to the original cast. In fact, during the scene with Spock fighting Khan he looked like Leonard Nimoy for a second, just like that scene of strangling Jim in the first movie where both he and Kirk look astonishingly like the originals.

The volcano sequence was exciting, and Kirk playing fast-and-loose with the Prime Directive is nothing new, but Chris Pike’s accusation of his hubris is true. This Kirk never learned humility nor the ability to admit to mistakes. I’m not overly fond of rule-bound institutions like Starfleet, but you have to have discipline. Kirk seemed determined to ignore any rule he didn’t like. Sorry, Jim-bo, it doesn’t work that way in grown-up life.

Which brings me to an irritating element of the Reboot: the unprofessionalism. Would TOS Spock and Uhura argue in front on Kirk on a mission? Yeesh! I know this is a looser version of Starfleet, but c’mon!

And that’s another thing: since when has Starfleet been primarily an exploration organization? Wasn’t it always part exploration, part military? It seems as the writers wanted to emphasize the evil of military operations so slipped that in.

Final gripe: it seems as if they were parodying Kirk’s legendary womanizing with the scene of the twin aliens in his bed. I recently read a meta that says that TOS Kirk wasn’t as womanizing as people think. We see strong implications that he slept with Deela in Wink Of An Eye and Elaan, the Dolman, but except for old girlfriends (Ruth, Ariel Shaw, Janet Wallace) does he actually sleep with all the woman he’s supposed to have taken to bed? He actively resists the Mirror Marlena’s charms and Eve’s in Mudd’s Women. Dunno, his reputation may be larger than reality.

The actors seem to have a better handle on their characters this time around, and Spock’s rigid insistence on the rules makes his emotional meltdown more stunning later. I liked the twist of using Space Seed but I can understand the controversy on the casting of Khan: he’s supposed to be Indian, for goodness’ sakes! Benedict Cumberbatch was fine but I couldn’t quite buy him as this genetically-engineered superman. At least Ricardo Montalban looked like he had super-strength. I liked the parrying between TOS Kirk and Khan, too.

Nice twist with Kirk sacrificing himself for the ship and the reenactment of the death scene. Spock’s cry of “Khan!!!” was, um, a little embarrassing, and in fact some people in the theater laughed. It just seemed so overwrought and overdone. When TWOK Kirk did it, we were used to his theatrics and it seemed to fit. I just didn’t buy this one, sorry, folks.

Um, if Khan’s blood can bring people back to life, why is he back in the deep freeze? Why, all the Federation planets could be like Gideon! ;) I’m never thrilled with resurrections that beg the question, why don’t they do that for any loved one? Or are starship captains the only ones on that list?

One of the things I liked best about this movie? Warrior Spock. It never fails to fascinate me to see this gentle, mild-mannered Vulcan from the peace-loving, logical race be flung back to his ancestral roots, and all for Kirk. ;) Spock was once again a savage Warrior, and I loved it!

I loved seeing the tribble! ;)

And I loved seeing Old Spock. Not bad for 82 years old, Leonard! ;)

Of course modern special effects means lots of explosions and other stuff, but the scenes with the Enterprise and Dreadnaught were pretty cool. The Enterprise rising from the ocean was cool though I’m not sure starships are made to be submarines? Oh, well, as one person said, Bat-science! ;)

I would recommend this film to fans of Star Trek and to the general public. It was exciting and fun and fans of the Reboot K/S got some goodies! ;)

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