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Fic: Rainbow's Freedom (Shadow Of The Bat Arc) (15/35)

Title: Rainbow’s Freedom (Shadow Of The Bat Arc) (15/35)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Clark/Bruce, Alfred, Lex Luthor, Hal/Steve
Series Notes: In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. The wealthy freeman Bruce Wayne acquires a highly-prized pleasure slave whom has fallen in love with him…but can the Prince of Gotham ever return that love? And will it all be moot as a weak abolitionist movement slowly gathers strength while the Galactic Empire remains in a perpetual state of Cold War? The entire series can be found here.
Categories: Drama, AU
Rating: (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: The Lord of the Manor entertains his guests while keeping his Prize close to him.
Date Of Completion (First Draft): May 13, 2007
Date Of Posting: October 3, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own 'em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1708
Feedback welcome and appreciated. 

“People of Gotham County, take to your arms! 

The enemy are almost upon us! 

Fear not the Redcoats, for they are mere mortals. 

We have the love of Liberty on our side!”


General “Mad” Anthony Wayne

June, 1775 C.E.







When Bruce awoke, he found himself watching Clark sleep.


He knows.


Somehow the knowledge that Clark now knew of his double life did not disturb him.  He gently caressed his slave’s hair, loving the way the sunlight always kissed Clark’s skin.  He was glad that he had forgotten to close the curtains last night.


I’d better keep him unchained for the rest of the house party.


He was pleased to have a new ally in addition to Alfred.  He could trust Clark, even beyond that of a slave loyal to his Master.


When Clark awoke, he blinked and found Bruce smiling at him.  He felt a surge of love and reached out, Bruce taking his hand.  Bruce continued to smile, running his fingers through Clark’s hair as he squeezed his hand.


Clark’s eyes sparkled. “Can I get a tour of the Batcave?”


Bruce burst out laughing. “After our guests have gone.”


Clark kissed him, his excitement making him more charming than ever.


Bruce’s eyes twinkled. “As much as I would like to fuck you senseless, my dear, we should get going and work out before breakfast.”


Clark slipped closer, playful and teasing.  He nipped Bruce’s ear and whispered, “Are you sure we have to get up?  No meeting today.”


Bruce’s amusement continued at this coquettishness.  Who knew that the Bat could be such an aphrodisiac?  He cupped Clark’s chin. “I have to see to my guests today.”


Clark pouted and Bruce laughed again.  He kissed him and squeezed his shoulder. “Get into your work-out clothes.  Though…” he cocked his head, “…nude gymnastics could be interesting.”


Clark blushed and kissed Bruce’s hand. “Whatever you will, Master.”


Bruce kissed the top of Clark’s head. “If I ever host an orgy, I’ll feature you as the star attraction.”


“Thank you,” Clark said dryly.


Bruce grinned and spanked him. “Get going.” Clark obeyed, heading for the bathroom.


Bruce relaxed into the pillows, pleased at how everything had turned out.  Clark knowing that he was the Batman would not jeopardize the Mission, and he could be a useful sounding board.


Bruce stared up at the ceiling, hands behind his head.  His distress over his lack of focus during patrol this week nagged at him.  He had to be careful about that.  He couldn’t afford distractions.


& & & & & &


Bruce suggested some places to see, and the group was overwhelmingly in favor of a trip to Point Blessed.


It was an hour’s walk from the Manor, and everyone donned sturdy hiking boots and warm clothes as the chill October air promised a less-than-warm hike.  As they gathered in the foyer, Bruce went into the kitchen. “Alfred, we should be back for lunch.” He looked at his butler. “Do you require assistance?”


Alfred looked affronted. “Really, sir.”


Bruce smiled. “Sorry.” He looked at a hopeful Clark. “Looks like Alfred has everything under control.  Would you like to come along?”


Clark’s look of pure joy warmed Bruce’s heart.  He didn’t need to see his slave’s eyes to know they were sparkling.


“Get changed.  And wear that new coat I bought you.  Dress warmly.”


“Yes, Master!”


Clark was gone in an instant, leaving an amused Bruce and Alfred.


“He is such a delight, sir.”


“That he is, Alfred, that he is.”


“Will you be carrying water bottles on your hike?”


“Yes.” As Bruce turned away, Alfred said, “Sir?” Bruce turned back. “It is a kindness you show Clark.”


“Well, Alfred, I…”


“He treasures being a part of such things, of being with you.” Wise eyes looked at his Master.


Affection shone in Bruce’s eyes. “Thank you, Alfred.”


As Bruce left, the kitchen radio was turned on by Alfred, the announcer’s voice carrying to the foyer as Bruce’s guests chatted while they waited.


“Gotham is enjoying record crowds during Halloween Week.  Commissioner James Gordon and his men of the Gotham Police Department are doing an excellent job, and the Batman is on the job.  There have also been sightings of Star City’s Green Arrow.


“In national news, the Congress will be debating the proposed law in removing the discretion of Masters to brand their slaves by next month.”


Bruce appeared and said, “We’ll be ready to go as soon as Clark comes down.” They returned to their conversation, Lex breaking away from the group.


“Does Clark go everywhere with you?”


“No, but he is my companion.”


“Beyond the bedroom?”




Lex’s light-blue eyes sparkled. “Maybe I should invest in a pleasure slave.”


“Maybe you should.  Hasn’t it been awhile since you had one?”


“It has.  You know me: easily bored.”


Bruce laughed. “True.  They say the easily-bored is a correlation with high intelligence.”




Bruce shook his head. “Incorrigible.”


“I certainly hope so.”


Bruce smirked.  He glanced up and saw Clark coming down the staircase.  Dressed in jeans, a red flannel shirt, and hiking boots, he wouldn’t win any GQ awards but looked gorgeous, anyway.  He carried a woolen cap and gloves and went to the foyer closet, taking out the fleece-lined jacket that Bruce had directed him to wear.


Bruce watched as Clark shrugged into the coat and began buttoning it.  He stepped forward and fastened the last button, Clark giving him a grateful smile.


The air was crisp as they stepped outside.  Despite the cold, Bruce did not sense the approach of snow.  He didn’t care what the weathercasters said.  Anyone who lived in snow country could ‘feel’ the oncoming of the white stuff.


It was an exceedingly pleasant walk.  Bruce walked with Ollie and Lex while Clark walked behind them with Hal and Steve.  The usual protocol would have him trail even the pilots, but Bruce considered it impractical.  Since no one in the party objected, Clark was able to be one of the group, which pleased Bruce.


The countryside was ablaze with color.  Some of the trees were already bare but the remainder were still giving a magnificent show: burnt orange, fiery red, and lemon-yellow stood out against an eye-achingly blue sky.  The display of Nature’s bounty pleased men who had to spend much of their time in cities or in space.


Bruce felt relaxed, his only responsibilities that of host.  He spoke of the evening’s plans and felt pride in Gotham’s wild reputation.


He enjoyed observing Clark, albeit indirectly as Clark was behind him.  He wondered if Clark’s quiet demeanor was natural or a result of his manacled status.


Probably both.


Bruce had seen flashes of resolute courage, and considering all he had suffered before Bruce had bought him, Clark was brave indeed.


Bruce liked the shyness, however.  It was utterly charming and engaged his protective instincts.


& & & & & &


Soon enough they reached Point Blessed, climbing the high incline to a cliff overlooking the Gotham River.  A stone marker commemorated the Revolutionary War battle that had taken place here.


“Hey!” Steve said as he read the inscription. “The victorious General was ‘Mad’ Anthony Wayne?”


Bruce smiled. “My ancestor.”


Five interested faces turned to him.  With a laugh, Bruce went into storytelling mode.


“The Madman, as he is affectionately known in the family, was the leader of the troops stationed here.  The British had been driven out of Boston in March of 1775 and were spoiling for a fight after having to abandon the city.  They wanted to take New York and Gotham, two strategic cities, and an army of British and Hessians started to march on Gotham.”


Bruce swept his hand around at the beautiful panorama. “Gotham was my family’s fiefdom.  Not only did the Madman stand to lose the Manor, but he had a responsibility to the people of the county.  He gladly prepared himself for battle.


“The Royal Navy sailed down the river and were met by cannon here on this cliff as the Rebels had done up in Boston.  They were also spread in the lowlands, and there was a land battle.  The Madman led his men to victory on land and sea.”


“Why was he nicknamed the Madman?” Steve asked.


“He made a bold move during the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga during the French-and-Indian War, so bold that people called him crazy, but it was all right because he won.” Bruce’s teeth gleamed, showing pride in his ancestor.


“Pretty interesting,” Hal said, studying the marker.


“What a beautiful view, “ Clark murmured.  He stood by the retaining wall, watching a large sailboat float down the river.


Bruce silently agreed as he stood next to Clark, the blue of the river reflecting the azure sky framed by the banks of autumn color.


The peace of the site soothed Bruce.  He enjoyed the view, the quiet, and occasional twitter of a robin or cry of a hawk.  A soft breeze blew up from the water, ruffling his hair.


He glanced at Clark’s profile, proud of calling such beauty his own.  He reached out and squeezed Clark’s hand.


Clark turned and dazzled Bruce with his smile.  As he dropped Clark’s hand, he pondered that kissable mouth.


Ollie moved to the stone wall, admiring the view, too.  He put a booted foot up on the wall as he gazed down at the river.


A tingle went through Bruce’s mind.  That pose reminded him of someone, something…


“I can see how this would be a great vantage point in that battle,” said Ollie.


“Yes.” Bruce frowned slightly.


“Those old frigates could do some serious knots, but they were sitting ducks down there.”


“Yes, the heights are a good strategic stronghold.”


A shaft of sunlight touched Ollie’s hair, kissing it to life.


Blond hair…


Surprise blossomed in Bruce.  Could it be…?


He shook his head.


Ollie put his foot down as Steve and Hal joined them at the wall.  Lex stepped up next to Bruce.


They all stood in silence, watching another boat sail up the river, its red-and-white striped sail bright in the autumn sunshine.


Perfect peace before the night’s revelries in Gotham.


Bruce sighed in contentment as he squeezed Clark’s hand again.





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