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Review (Iron Man 3)

So I finally got to see Iron Man 3!

I’m glad I had my earplugs. Definitely a loud movie! Lots of explosions and mayhem, a little too much for my taste. It’s like reading a hurt/comfort fanfic with a lotta hurt but little comfort.

I did enjoy seeing Tony, Pepper, Happy and Rhodey again. The interactions were smart and crisp and they used the Mandarin from the comics (though changed him), Extremis from the comics (changed the storyline), and sentient armor from the comics (with modifications). So at least they’re trying to stay true to the source material.

The movie was entertaining. The kid, Harley, was a lot better than the usual smart-mouthed Hollywood brats you see on-screen. He and Tony had a good rapport.

Um, Tony, the next time you want to challenge a villain, maybe you shouldn’t give him your home address?

Ben Kingsley had fun with his character once his true nature was revealed.

Aldritch Killian certainly is a comic book villain: crazy and with powers that cause a ton of trouble.

I loved the giant bunny! That gift is so Tony, extravagant but cute! ;)

The Christmastime theme was kinda cool for a spring release. ;)

Some good comic moments between Tony and Happy. :)

Omigosh, I loved Tony in Happy’s hospital room. Tony can drive you crazy as a friend but it’s extremely loyal. And I loved the scenes with him and Rhodey together, fighting the bad guys or not.

Pepper wearing the armor was boss. That’s from the comics, too. And her kicking ass at the end because of Extremis? Oh, yeah!

Though I’ll admit to being shocked when I first saw Gwyneth. She’s still beautiful but looks painfully thin. I know that actresses have to stay very thin because of the camera putting on the pounds, but that white dress she wore looked as if it was trying to suggest non-existent curves. Maybe she was thin in the first two movies and I just never noticed.

I liked this movie. Iron Man 1 is still my favorite but this one is fine. That spectacular sequence with all the suits showing up in the latter scenes was really cool, and the fireworks display was lovely. Pity the suits had to go!

And now the questions: with the suits gone and Tony free of the arc reactor, will we see him in more than a cameo role (or at all) in Avengers 2? I don’t mind changing the roster (I’d love to see Jan and Hank) but will Marvel Studios be okay with a surefire moneymaker like Iron Man quietly retired? Should be interesting to see!

I would recommend this movie to Marvel and Iron Man fans and to those who are not. ;)

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