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Drive-By Post

Hi, luvs! Life has been terribly bizzy and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, so don't expect me to be on-line as much as in the past. :) But I still have some time every day to check my mail and flist, and to slip in a few fics now and then on the ol' journal. ;)

As far as profic goes, the work is slow because it's been expanded, and FFP is a start-up with its own fits and starts. I thank everyone who are still interested. I hope that publication will be this year but who knows in the crazy publishing business? Anyway, I'm getting valuable experience.

Anticipation is half the fun, and that's what I'm feeling for Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby and Star Trek 2: Into Darkness for the month of May. I expect nothing! I've been disappointed too many times in the past but have high hopes for at least Iron Man 3. I'm also anticipating Man Of Steel (very nervous about that one!), Thor 3: The Dark World, and The Lone Ranger. I'll consider Man Of Steel an Elseworld, like Smallville. My blood pressure will thank me! :)

Happily anticipating Captain America: The Winter Soldier, too, but I don't think that's due out 'til next year. I remember reading the comics as a kid and wanting to hug poor Cap, who mourned over Bucky, his best pal. Probably survivor's guilt mixed in with his PTSD, though they didn't call it PTSD at the time. I'll admit that I 'shipped Steve/Bucky as much as Steve/Tony way before any of the movies. :)

I'm not sure what to expect with The Lone Ranger. Frankly, it looks kind of weird. It's a sure bet that you'll have to throw out any notions of the old TV shows and movies with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. A pity that the 1981 remake bombed so badly and now this one could do the same, but hopefully they'll rein in Johnny Depp and the film will be coherent. :)

Nice weather lately, with that special light you only get in April. I walked home from a meeting on Wednesday night and enjoyed seeing the full moon in all its glory.

Hope you're enjoying the fanfics I'm posting! I'm working my way through a batch that have been in my notebooks for quite awhile. :)
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