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Total Craziness!

We here in Massachusetts are now officially living a freakin' movie!

Boston is in total lockdown. The people in Watertown still can't leave their homes. They woke up at 12:55 this morning to the sound of gunfire as the police shot it out with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. The older brother is dead and the younger on the lam. No MBTA service, taxi service only recently resumed, and businesses and colleges shut down. The cops stopped people on the New Hampshire highway and on the Canadian border because they suspect a third or more suspects involved with the brothers. Amtrak trains in Connecticut are being stopped.

It's all so surreal! The two brothers robbed a 7-11 and killed an MIT cop in his car. They carjacked a Mercedes and let the driver out after a half hour. The dead suspect may have had a bomb strapped to him. SWAT and the FBI and every other agency is out in force.

There may have been an explosion on the UMASS/Dartmouth campus. The younger brother attended that college. :(

The Red Sox and Bruins have games scheduled for tonight. Unlikely they'll play.

Official word came out now that the Amtrak service between Boston and New York is suspended indefinitely.
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