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Sad Day In New England

Well, if there's a way to ruin something good, human beings will find it. The day was glorious, typical for Patriots' Day in the Commonwealth. The Boston Marathon began and the Red Sox played their traditional 11:00 game at Fenway Park. The Bruins would play a hockey game tonight at the Garden and the city would be filled with happy, joyful people.

And then the bombs went off.

Two went off at the Boston Marathon finish line. Two are dead (one an eight-year-old child) and over 50 people injured. Limbs were blown off and panic went through Copley Square. Two more bombs were found, one under the grandstand. The Newtown Connecticut families were in the V.I.P. section.

My sister and brother-in-law were supposed to be there but he had to work at the last minute. They would have been at the finish line.

The city is shut down, the Bruins game cancelled, and the FBI, state police and local authorities are all over the place, including SWAT.

The police and fire responded swiftly, as many were at the site for crowd control and security. They've trained for something like this.

Seconds after the bombs went off, a fire broke out at JFK Library. It's just been reported that it may have been an incendiary device.

No flights in or out of Logan Airport.

Tufts Hospital: lockdown. Only staff allowed to go in.

All cellphone service is shut down.

What a world we live in!
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