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Zines, House Project, & Icons

Hi, luvs! I'll be posting more zines for sale soon. I hope you'll be able to find something to your liking. It'll help a fellow fan who could use the money for upcoming expenses and it'll help not to lug a lot of heavy boxes around, too.

The House Project has been very difficult for me lately. Every time I turn around it's like something else is gone. It's hard to see the pieces of my parents' lives thrown in the dumpster, and some pieces of mine, too. I just learned that a set of old newspapers with some important family history was thrown out. Honest-to-Goddess, I can't be everywhere! The people are here to help out but right now I feel like yelling at them to get out and leave me alone and STOP TAKING MY STUFF! A beautiful grandfather clock was claimed and I would have liked to have kept it at least until I left but, no, my wishes aren't worth much. I don't care about fucking downsizing or anything else, I'm just tired of sorting, organizing, dumping and what-have-you. I'm angry, upset and hurt right now, and to top it off, I checked my profile and my icon package is going to expire, so the one place where I feel that I have some control and joy is going to be less joyful with the loss of most of my icons! *shrugs* When does it all end?

I know it sounds like a little kid complaining but this is my life and my parents' lives. I hate the necessity and if I hear one more time that it's the memory and not the item that's important, I'll hit someone. The newspapers were FAMILY HISTORY, damnit! Stop judging things hings just because they're yellowing and aged as to what they're worth. I'm heartsick. Maybe I'm just a sentimental fool. I don't know anymore.

Please consider the zines I'll be posting. I could use the help. Thank you.
Tags: family, family traditions, house project, icons, lj, rl, zines
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