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With This Green K, I Thee Wed (LSH/The Batman) (September 29, 2007)

Legion of Super Heroes/The Batman (Episode 2) (September 29, 2007)

Okay, maybe it wasn't a ring, but...;) 

Last week really bummed me out about the Legion, but this week was better!  J  I was amused by Brainy going back in time and coming back with a more buffed Superman. ;)

Though I do miss the ‘skinny’ Blue Eyes.  I wonder if we’ll ever see him again on this series?


Green-eyed Superman is learning.  The poor guy has only known fighting his entire life, though we saw his grief over his robot parents being destroyed in the first episode.  While coming back to save the Legion on the prison planet was no doubt inspired by his need of allies against Imperius, I do believe he was also doing the right thing, even if he couldn’t admit it to himself.


I liked Clark’s conversation with his counterpart.  He was probably speaking of Bruce (“old friend”) when he talked about the person he knew who didn’t want to join a team, but perhaps it was himself that he spoke of, considering that he turned down the invitation to join the League in The Batman.  I still think the cliché of Clark being the one to join the League and Bruce resisting fits their personalities better, but I can see how this opposite works as Bruce has learned to work with Dick and Barbara in the current ‘toon and Clark generally works alone.


IMO, the Legion was a better episode this week with hope mixed in with all the death and destruction.  Looking forward to next week!


As for The Batman, it was great!  J  One of the best things about the episode was Dick being a valuable member of the team.  It was vintage World’s Finest!  He not only helped to slow down and distract the mind-controlled Clark, he saved Bruce’s life.  He wasn’t just some kid who got in the way.  He was Robin, an equal member of the World’s Finest team!


I couldn’t help but laugh when Clark had Bruce in a hold from behind and flew off with him as it reminded me of Rai’s ‘s wonderful spoof manip (  J


Scary stuff when Batman and Robin were in the Batcave and Superman was pounding his way through to destroy them.  Little wonder that Bruce kept some Green K!

Lots of good slam-bang action! 


Love Lex’s voice.  And he kinda kept Clark in bondage with that contraption feeding him the pollen spores, hmm?  ;)


I liked the way that Clark came around about the League (you knew he would, but I still liked it!) and how Bruce had to say goodbye to Dick rather quickly while up in the satellite as Clark was coming.  He needed a few seconds to primp!  LOL!


Aah, Clark giving Bruce the Kryptonite to keep.  Trust and love and I thee wed!  ;)


Hope we see a lot of Clark in The Batman this season!


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