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*fingers crossed*

Google Chrome took about five hours to download, but it finally did. I just tested making an entry and then editing it. Looks like it works! I'll test again tonight.

Not liking the new editing interface and I'm gonna HATE the new friends list when they don't allow us to keep our own version. But, I'm back in the game (so far) and will probably start posting some stories that I was just not able to do in the past few weeks.

Quickie Oscar notes: loved Anne Hathaway getting an Oscar! She and Christian match now. ;)

Lovely gowns. But is it me or did the red carpet lack star power? Some recognizable stars but kind of meh, too.

Seth McFarland: not my cup of tea.

Bill Shatner as Jim Kirk: I enjoyed the bit! And he doesn't look bad for an 82-year-old guy, either. :)

I did like Argo winning Best Picture and Daniel Day-Lewis winning Best Actor for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln, which I thought was outstanding.

LJ note: I might just post really long stories to A03 in the future. Stuff like the Big Bangs. Just too much aggravation doing it here now and with my poky dial-up...

I can easily import my bookmarks though I might hold off. A lot of them could be discarded and it's kind of cool to have a clean slate to just bookmark really important stuff. ;)

Tom Brady signed a VERY team-friendly contract, signing for less than half his market value in order to keep his team competitive (salary cap). That's my boy! :)

Thanks to all who gave me hugs during my travails. Always appreciated, as were the offers of help! *hugs you all* :)
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